The Importance of Passion

Self promotion is not something that has a specific formula or that is easily accomplished. It is something that organizations and individuals both enjoy, so if you learn how to do it for yourself, hopefully you can do it for a company. Self promotion for just your personal accounts is much harder than promoting a company because you don’t have a product or service that will benefit people. However, if you have another type of service like entertainment or advice, then you are more likely to gain a following. Finding your passion and chasing it is what will bring you success.

However, if you want to start something, follow these tips on how to channel your passion and grow in it.

Tip #1: Find a service to the public that you actually enjoy doing. We would all love to become well known for absolutely nothing like the Kardashian family, yet most of us are not going to be that fortunate. The service you choose could be anything from filming makeup tutorials on YouTube, filming goofy Vines that give people a good laugh or writing a blog on something you’re passionate about. Whatever it is, enjoy doing it because it will show in the end result.

Tip #2: Once you find a service to the public and begin putting your work out on the internet, you can not just sit there and hope that people miraculously come across you out of the billions of people on the internet. This is when you begin sharing it with everyone — your friends, your family and your social media accounts encouraging people to share it if they enjoyed it or know someone who would. Word-of-mouth has been a crazy effective way of marketing and often overshadows the modern telecommunication marketing techniques because when a recommendation comes from someone you know, there’s a lot more sincerity in it. This will help you find people who share your passion and vision for what you set out to do.

Tip #3: Once you begin to gain any size of following, ask for feedback. This could just be from your friends or family members that you had watch it. Ask them what they want to see improved or changed for more enjoyment out of it. You need to keep your audience engaged! They are the fuel to your fire, the viewers of your content is what pushes you further into the mass media world – keep them happy. They will give you diverse insight of what you can do better or what you should consider adding to your posts. Not only will this help you become more successful on the internet, but it will give you a deeper and fuller understanding of your passion using other people who share it.

If you can manage to do this for yourself, you will have a good background experience to draw from if you ever need to do it for a company or organization as a job. Practice makes perfect, so why not start today?


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