Twitter Cheat Sheet

Almost everyone you meet will have a Facebook or an Instagram, but Twitter is a social media that is not as widespread among personal account users as the others. In case you are one of the people who are considering to venture into the world of tweeting, this cheat sheet is for you.

Tweet – A tweet is a 140 character or less message that can include text, photos or video. The character limit includes symbols, letters, spaces and punctuation.

Twitter feed – The twitter feed is similar to your news feed on Facebook. It shows all the tweets of the people that you follow in one place.

Twitter handle – A twitter handle is someone’s username that they create for the site.

Followers – Followers are twitter users who choose to follow your account. However, people who you follow do not instantly follow you back, they have to follow you back on their own.

Mentioning someone – To mention someone else who has a Twitter account in your tweet, you simply put an @ symbol before their handle. For example, to mention ESPN in a tweet, you would put @ESPN.

Retweet – A retweet is when you repost a different user’s tweet to your followers. A retweet would appear on your followers’ twitter feed as it did on yours, but it would state that you retweeted it.

Quote tweet – A quote tweet is very similar to a retweet, but when you quote tweet you can add in your own comments. A quote tweet would look like this:

The “Can’t wait for fall!” is what the user chose to add in to @ESPNCFB’s tweet.

Replying to a tweet – If you want to reply to a tweet without including any of the previous tweet’s content as you would in a quote tweet, then you would reply. A reply simply includes the user’s twitter handle and the text that you wish to share with them. A reply would look like this:

Direct message (DM) – A direct message is a private message from one user to another. However, you can only send a direct message to someone who follows you.

Hashtags – A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a ‘#’. Hashtags allow users to add into conversations on a certain topic. Twitter makes it so users can search a hashtag and see all of the people’s tweets who included it. Hashtags can be any number or letter, but they cannot include symbols. Hashtags are included in the 140 character tweet limit. A tweet with hashtags would look like this one from @ESPNCFB:

By using the hashtag #CFBLIVE, this twitter account is categorizing their tweet so that people following or that wish to follow along with College Football Live will see their tweet.

Now that you know the twitter lingo, go ahead and jump in on this social medium! Sign up today by clicking here.


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